Our Mission Statement

We empower a waste-free future by showcasing innovative recycling, repurposing solutions, and sustainable practices.

About Waste Not Products

As a teen, I pointed out a trash bin with the word “WASTE” printed on it; I commented that it was one of the ugliest words. That was probably around 1976, and since then, I have always felt that waste is one of the world’s biggest problems. There are underlying causes of our waste problems, like greed, unsustainable practices, and irresponsible choices. This website will focus more on the positive efforts of individuals, companies, and organizations that find outstanding solutions.

Let’s ‘waste not’ time shaming companies that cause these problems; plenty of people are doing that already. However, we can look at the actual practices that need changing. Many take up the shame game; I feel that if presented with affordable, sustainable practices, most would make a positive change. Our approach favors promoting those doing good things that can inspire others.

This site is all about the solutions people have already put into play, solutions in development right now, and how we can support innovation by replacing things we already use with sustainable options.